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About Us

Since its founding in 1995, Tri-Stone Corp. has made impressive progress in its goal of becoming the industry leader. Tri-Stone entered the industry by providing stewarding solutions to full service hotels. Over the succeeding years, the list of services provided grew to position Tri-Stone as a Hotel Management Organization that specializes in all aspects of Independent Hotels and Resorts inclusive of day-to-day Golf Course operations. The company name came to be when the 3 (Tri) cornerstones (Stone) of its values were put together into an acronym. Trust, Reliability, Integrity make up the “TRI” of Tri-Stone. It is with these values that Tri-Stone conducts its business in the hospitality industry.

However, Tri-Stone is no longer just about hospitality/janitorial services. Tri-Stone has evolved and added numerous key services to the hospitality industry such as management agreements, operational audits, and customized training programs.

Innovative techniques along with strong hospitality management direction and stringent follow-up have positioned Tri-Stone as one of the fastest-growing hotel management, commercial cleaning, and maintenance companies in the country. To compliment these services, quality-control standards that consistently surpass industry criteria have enhanced Tri-Stone’s reputation.

But the greatest share of Tri-Stone’s reputation rests with exceptional customer service and corporate attitude to treat every client and every job as though its very business existence depends on them.

Its sister company, Tristone Enterprises, LLC is a trading organization that:

  • Directly controls Hotel Investments, Purchase / Sale and negotiates Management Agreements
  • International trade Import / Export
  • Currently has exclusivity for the distribution of DUMO, an Algae pollution control for ponds & lakes, marinas, Waste water treatment plants(WWTP) , and anti-fouling for boats. Exclusivity for the following territories: Republic of China, Japan, South Korea & Chile.
  • Distribution of Art Work of renowned Artists in Galleries / Art Exhibits.

As spelled out in the acronym of the company’s name, Trust, Reliability, and Integrity (TRI) are the cornerstones (Stone) of which the company operates.  Every decision made is based off of these principals and is reflected in our services.

Like any relationship, trust must be an integral part of the foundation in order to provide for a long lasting and healthy relationship.  Tri-Stone develops and sustains this trust by establishing a proven track record of consistent and honest service that is performed with reliability and integrity.

All services are provided by staff of Tri-Stone and its associates, which saves considerable time and money associated with hiring and maintaining an in-house staff.  The staff undergoes extensive screening and interviewing to judge not only experience qualifications, but also character qualifications to ensure dependability and honest work ethics.  Job-references and checks for the right to work are standard procedures.  Tri-Stone staff members receive extensive training and orientation to ensure top-quality, professional service, and reliability.

Tri-Stone Corp. is firm on doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do.  We hold steadfast to this principal because integrity is our mindset—it is not situational.

Our Mision

  • We are a highly skilled team of individuals serving the hospitality industry and golf course maintenance applications.
  • We provide efficient and effective customer service to our clients and their clients through permanent extensive training and close communications with our associates.
  • We create value and make a difference for our customers.

Our Vision

  • To be the organization of choice when it comes to customer service solutions for the hospitality and golf course industries.

Our Values

  • Accountability: Be Responsible
  • Attitude: Be Positive
  • Diversity: Be Global
  • Effective: Do the right thing
  • Efficient: Do things right
  • Leadership: The courage to lead by example
  • Quality: Be the best at what we do

We look forward to a long-lasting relationship as a valuable partner to produce the highest customer satisfaction possible. We promise to provide you quality service with the best, most cost-efficient use of resources. Please call us at your earliest convenience. We’d be delighted to talk about how we can help ensure top results for you and your facility.

Kenny Song
Tri-Stone Corp.